biogenetic nature reserve

The Natural Reserve Biogenetic Tomboli Cecina is rich in low-lying beaten earth roads for most passable by disabled bodied ( with guide ) except near the coast where the soil is sandy . The orientation is straightforward given the presence of a central avenue very wide, and several more parallel paths close to it with the streets perpendicular to the coast line crossing them . And ' possible to walk these streets on foot, by bicycle and on horseback .

The trail starts from the bar in Loc . Maroccone and runs through the nature reserve from sea level to the summit of the Montaccio traffic light , where a camera is placed for spotting forest fires . The track , slightly steep , are quite easily covered on foot or by bike , and winds through the Mediterranean scrub - forest that characterizes the Natural Reserve . The best season for hiking is spring , when the Mediterranean vegetation is characterized mainly for the blooms and colors , as well as for the presence of bird life and small mammals . Along the trail you can enjoy the sea view from some vantage points.