All cyclists - road riders, mountain bikers, touring cyclists and families - can find roads to suit their particular needs.

Road riders Easy, flat routes a stone’s throw from the sea, or itineraries with varying altitudes for exploring the hinterland. Motorized traffic is light, making all routes safe and a pleasure to ride. It is no coincidence that professional and amateur teams choose these roads for group training during the winter.

Mountain Bikers From Elba to the hills of the mainland, riders will find outstanding scenic vistas, such as Monte Calamita, finis terrae of Tuscany, which has made mountain biking history, and the Macchia della Magona (Bibbona), with roads and tracks where the noise of traffic is unknown. Thrills are guaranteed in the woods of Sassetta and on the Piombino headland, a paradise for excursionists and mountain bikers, where you can ride through countryside a stone’s throw from the sea, and in the Montioni Park.

Touring cyclists Tarmac or dirt road, it makes no difference, as long as there is a road to follow. From the sea to the hills, passing villages and farms, bars and bistrots, there are numerous roads and itineraries that offer the chance to discover this Tuscany scented by the sea and Mediterranean scrub.